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LawPay Integration!

LawPay_APS_Logo_ColorReally excited about the new integration between LawPay (the preeminent credit card processor dedicated to the legal industry) and Sage Timeslips.  Timeslips Premium and v2019 Perpetual now have built in integration whereby you can have your clients pay their credit card bills online and then pull those payments directly into Sage Timeslips for application against accounts.  Supports Trust/IOLTA and Operating account deposits.

Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC has signed up as well (yep, we eat our own dogfood), so clients can pay their bills via our payment page here.

If your firm is interested, contact me to discuss a small referral perk that can save you a few bucks on your account setup.

Sage Timeslips gets a Database Upgrade

Sage Timeslips has finally received a long awaited upgrade to it’s underlying database engine.  For many years, Sage Timeslips has utilized the Borland Corporation’s Paradox database engine.  Over the years, we’ve all come learn how to manage that database and it’s intricacies, but there’s a new game in town now.  Beginning with Timeslips Premium (subscriptionContinue Reading

Nancy Duhon attains Timeslips Master Certified Consultant Designation

Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC  is proud to announce that owner, Nancy Duhon, has achieved the status of Timeslips Master Certified Consultant.  This new level of certification was recently made available to Certified Consultants who attended advanced classes, and passed a rigorous written examination.  Only 15 consultants worldwide have attained the Master Certified Consultant designation. DuhonContinue Reading

Managing Your Timeslips Licenses

Every so often, I get a sort of frantic call/email that begins something like this: “I recently got a new computer and loaded Timeslips on it, but when I try to open the program, it tells me that there are not enough licenses.  I have X number of licenses and there are only X numberContinue Reading

30 Day Balance Aging in Timeslips and February

We are gearing up for March billing for February time, and it seems like a great time to discuss the issue with aging balances in Timeslips, and the strict interpretation of 30 days.  This trips a few folks up every year, so I thought I’d offer up some suggestions, or perhaps just a heads upContinue Reading

What are Thumbs.db and How Can You Turn Them Off?

Just had a client inquire about these files, and thought some of you might want to know as well. They are a Windows thumbnail cache files, and can safely be deleted. You can also turn off the feature; two sites will tell you how. The first works for Windows XP machines, and was written byContinue Reading

Windows Network Card Power Conservation Settings

By default, Windows XP and higher has a setting for network interface cards that allows the computer to turn off the network card if Windows thinks the connection is inactive.  This can cause issues for programs that are open, but not necessarily active such as Timeslips and Amicus Attorney. For this reason, I recommend thatContinue Reading

Copying the Amicus Attorney Contact Card IMAGE!

Just learned this one today from the Amicus Attorney Newletter,Vol. 9, Issue 1. While I already knew that I could copy/paste a contact card’s name and address by using Control+R, and have used it for years, sometimes I need more than that.  This is especially true if I am referring someone to that contact.  Before,Continue Reading

What’s in a name? Timeslips.BKU

The start of a New Year is a good time to revisit the idea of safekeeping your important data.  Sort of like using the change to/from Daylight Savings time to change your smoke alarm batteries, we can use the start of the New Year to review our backup procedures. Part of your backup procedure withContinue Reading


Welcome to Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC.  I am undergoing a site renovation.  Please excuse my construction “e-dust.” Nancy DuhonContinue Reading