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LawPay Integration!

Really excited about the new integration between LawPay (the preeminent credit card processor dedicated to the legal industry) and Sage Timeslips.  Timeslips Premium and v2019 Perpetual now have built in integration whereby you can have your clients pay their credit card bills online and then pull those payments directly into Sage Timeslips for application againstContinue Reading

What are Thumbs.db and How Can You Turn Them Off?

Just had a client inquire about these files, and thought some of you might want to know as well. They are a Windows thumbnail cache files, and can safely be deleted. You can also turn off the feature; two sites will tell you how. The first works for Windows XP machines, and was written byContinue Reading


Welcome to Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC.  I am undergoing a site renovation.  Please excuse my construction “e-dust.” Nancy DuhonContinue Reading