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Managing Your Timeslips Licenses

Every so often, I get a sort of frantic call/email that begins something like this: “I recently got a new computer and loaded Timeslips on it, but when I try to open the program, it tells me that there are not enough licenses.  I have X number of licenses and there are only X number of people using this program.  WHY does it think we do not have enough?”

Folks get pretty worked up about it too, and start venting about how they don’t want to have to pay for another license or an upgrade, or support!

Turns out, all they really need to do is manage how their licenses are being assigned/distributed.  This post will show you how to do this so that you can avoid that frustration.

Timeslips tracks licenses by assigning a license to a computer the first time it tries to use the program.  If there is a license available, it is assigned behind the scenes and the user is let into the program.  That assignment is semi-permanent.  “Permanent” in the sense that the license will remain assigned to that computer until it is manually released. The ability to release the license so that it can be reassigned to the new computer would be the “semi” part.

At any time, you can check on your license assignments by launching the Station Administrator in your Timeslips program group.



It is also available from within the main Timeslips program on the Special menu.




The initial screen will show you if anyone is currently logged into the database.  It is IMPERATIVE that NO ONE be logged in when attempting to reassign licenses.  The program will warn you about it anyway, but you will save yourself a lot of grief by getting everyone out of the pool before attempting to clear licenses. Note that Station Administrator is entirely independent of the main program and can be open when the main program is not.

Once you have Station Administrator open and no one logged in, go to the Options menu and choose Licenses in Use.  This will show you how many licenses you own, how many are available to be assigned and which machines have been assigned a license.  Use the Clear All button to put all the licenses back into the Available category, and thus allow Timeslips to reallocate the licenses amongst all the machines that you want to be able to run the program.  If you like, you can keep this screen open as you log each of them in, and see their machine claim a license.

I hope those of you struggling with this issue find this helpful.

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