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Sage Timeslips gets a Database Upgrade

Sage Timeslips has finally received a long awaited upgrade to it’s underlying database engine.  For many years, Sage Timeslips has utilized the Borland Corporation’s Paradox database engine.  Over the years, we’ve all come learn how to manage that database and it’s intricacies, but there’s a new game in town now.  Beginning with Timeslips Premium (subscription license) and Timeslips 2017 (perpetual license) all current, and future versions of Sage Timeslips will utilize the Firebird SQL database.

This means a true client server database with corresponding speed increases when processing large numbers of records for bills and reports.

Sage has attempted to change the visual interface as little as possible while vastly changing the “underneath the hood” workings of the database to minimize the feeling of change to the users, and this has worked well. Most upgraders find the new interface familiar and their information readily usable.

The downside of all of this is that Sage has officially ended support on all older versions still running the Borland Paradox Database, which is all versions from 9.0 to v2016.  The company now officially ONLY supports the Firebird SQL database and versions that run it which are: Sage Timeslips Premium, Sage Timeslips v2017 and the current Sage Timeslips 2018.

This means that users with the older versions who experience trouble will only have the third party support providers like Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC to turn to when they have trouble.  It is Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC’s intent to continue to support users with the older Paradox database as long as possible.  But if your firm intends on depending on Sage Timeslips for the next several years, an upgrade would probably be in your best interest.  I would be happy to discuss the process and cost/benefit analysis with you to help you make the best decision for your business’ needs.

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